Landana Jersey OLD receives award in ‘Best New Dairy Product’ category

Bodegraven – Landana Jersey OLD has received an award at the prestigious International Cheese & Dairy awards. As the only Dutch cheese in the top three, the cheese can proudly call itself ‘Best Dutch cheese of 2019’. The cheese was assessed on flavour, aroma, consistency and appearance, receiving the bronze award within its category.

Pure and creamy

Landana Jersey OLD is made from special non-skimmed milk from Dutch Jersey cows. The Jersey cow is unique and is one of the oldest pure breeds, producing creamy and pure milk. This makes Jersey cheese particularly flavoursome. Landana Jersey OLD is made according to a traditional cheese maker’s formula, and is naturally matured on wooden shelves for at least a year. Its rich, fully-matured and particularly creamy flavour makes this cheese truly distinct. It is also free from colourings and flavourings, contains no preservatives and is entirely vegetarian. In addition to Landana Jersey OLD the range also includes Mature and Mild versions.

International Cheese Awards

The International Cheese Awards is one of the world’s biggest cheese shows. The 2019 Awards, which took place in Nantwich in the UK, assessed over 5,000 cheeses from 30 countries spread across various categories. Landana Jersey OLD was judged by an international jury as the world’s number 3 in its category.

Landana Jersey Gouda